Innovative Electrical Systems Inc., due to the rising costs of energy and building maintenance, has made a concerted effort over the last few years to provide energy efficient and maintenance-friendly design.

Many buildings today are being designed to LEED standards of efficiency. IES, Inc. has taken the position of closely working with the building's end user and the Architect to first understanding the building use and function then implementing simple and affordable lighting control strategies.  These strategies may include the use of occupancy sensors, multi-level switching, dimming, and automatic lighting shut-off via relay panels, photocells and/or building automation systems. If the construction budget allows, automatic daylighting controls may also be introduced to take advantage of natural daylight entering the building.

The International Energy Conservation Code is now the basis for lighting design in most regions of the country and the watts per square foot allowances of the IECC generally become stricter with each new edition.  IES Inc. takes pride in the fact that we meet or exceed the IECC requirements on all our project designs.

Along with the efforts made in lighting control we have focused attention on building maintenance. Care is taken in luminaire and lamp selection at the design level in order to reduce the owner's lamp inventory and maximize lamp life.

Other areas of care taken are providing the most efficient design and minimizing the owner's risk.  Two ways to reduce the chance of costly repairs due to utility power disturbances and lightning are to specify phase loss protection on distribution equipment serving large motor loads and transient voltage surge suppression at the electrical service gear.  IES Inc. also encourages the use of "soft start" or variable frequency drives for large pool and mechanical equipment motor starters. Although this does increase the initial cost of the project, these starters allow the motors to operate more efficiently over the lifespan of the building.
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