INNOVATIVE ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, INC. is a full service electrical consulting engineering company. The founder of the firm, Mr. Les Yingling, has over thirty-six years of work in this field and the company's combined experience exceeds sixty years.  The company has expertise in all aspects of electrical building systems including creative lighting design, power distribution, UPS and emergency power, communications systems and special control systems in both the public and private sector.


I.E.S., Inc. has notable accomplishments in many aspects of commercial construction design.  They have developed an extensive resume of sports/wellness and city recreation & community facilities located throughout the country.  Their portfolio includes over 4.2 million square feet of sports wellness/community centers including 1.6 million square feet of public recreation, community, and golf facilities.  Their expertise extends to all aspects of commercial, residential, and institutional construction design in both private and the public sector.


Because of their ability to generate unique and creative solutions to complex lighting design problems, I.E.S., Inc. has worked closely with manufacturers to develop new products.   Some of the new lighting products have been used for “one-time” custom work while others have become part of manufacturers’ standard product offerings.


The people of I.E.S., Inc. have made a commitment to deliver the highest quality of electrical systems design. Informed by current technologies, budget schedule, and client priorities, they strive for perfection in service and product.  Excellence and innovation describe the reputation, which they expect will become synonymous with the name I.E.S., Inc.

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